Sparo Demonstrates Commitment to Giving with $15,000 Donation to Save A Child’s Heart

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz, nicknamed “The Professor” for his mentoring talents to help colleagues and clients learn how to adapt new strategies and tools for their goals, has learned and taught strategies by which brands impact society through intelligent marketing. Armed with a Masters of Management and decades of experience in his field, Dan gives the Sparo brand broad appeal in both forprofit and nonprofit worlds. Anyone wondering about Dan’s attention to detail should know that he’s a seasoned wooden-boat maker, skilled wood turner and respected scuba instructor.

We at Sparo are honored to have been able to assist Save a Child’s Heart with enough donations to transport a child from Gaza to Israel for urgent medical treatment related to a heart ailment. This charity with 4 stars from Charity Navigator literally saves lives. It is our hope that through the Sparo platform we can save more lives in partnership with Save A Child’s Heart.

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Sparo helps Save A Child's Heart

Sparo Corporation provides $15,000 in donations for Save a Child’s Heart to transport a child from Gaza to Israel to treat them with a life-saving heart operation

Company Developing Platform to Make Donations Easy and Fun

Sparo Corporation, developer of the Sparo community giving platform, an early-stage technology platform to make charitable giving fun and easy, announced today that it has secured a $15,000 donation for Save A Child’s Heart. These funds will be used to transport a child from Gaza to Israel to treat them with a life-saving heart operation.

“Our business is all about making donations easy, so what better way to launch our mission than with a donation of our own,” said Rob Sobhani, founder and CEO of Sparo. “Through our extensive global network, we were able to secure this donation on behalf of Save a Child’s Heart, which is helping us test our new platform. It is our hope that through our work we can increase charitable giving around the world.”

The company aims to make it easy for donors to discover new charities that need their help and will conduct frequent sweepstakes whereby a participating charity is randomly selected to win the pot. Frequent donors will win gift cards or other prizes. The platform runs online and is currently being beta tested by Save a Child’s Heart along with the Omid Foundation and the Maryland Food Bank.

“We are excited by the potential of Sparo’s platform to drive new donations and awareness for Save a Child’s Heart with minimal effort on our part,” said Rabbi David Litwack, Executive Director, Save a Child’s Heart. “This significant donation to our cause along with the smaller donations coming through the platform are literally life-saving for the children and families we serve.”

In 2016, Sparo was issued several patents for the gamification of charitable giving. The company is now in a soft launch phase of its Sparo platform. For more information on the platform, visit

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