Members FAQ

What is Sparo?
Where do donations come from?
What percentage of my purchase goes to charity?
Are there any costs to me?
How can I find out where the donations accrued through my activities have gone too?
What causes and charities can I support?
Can I donate to more than 1 charity?
How quickly do donations reach my non-profit recipient?
What if I have a problem with an online order?
What is the Piggy Bank and how does it work?
Where do I find out a full list of non-profits enrolled in Sparo?
Where do I find out the full list of participating merchants?
What is the tuition assistance program and tuition bank?
How can I enroll in the Tuition Assistance Program?
How can I spread the word about Sparo?
What if I can’t find my favorite charity?
What if I can’t find my favorite merchant?
What if I return an item that was purchased with a donation? Will the charity I selected still get the donation amount?
Are the donations taxes deductible?

Registration and Account FAQ

Is my Personal information safe?
How do I change my email address, password, and preference?
Do you share my information with the causes I support?
Do you have my account information from the retailers I visit and purchase from?
How do I cancel my Sparo account?