Brehm Preparatory School Foundation

Address: 950 S. Brehm Lane, Carbondale, IL, 62901

Category: Education

Region: International

The Brehm School Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, ensures the continuining advancement and mission of Brehm and OPTIONS to empower students with complex learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their full potential throughout their lives by fostering a family environment where the educational, social, health, wellness, and emotional needs of each student are addressed through a focused, holistic program through a partnership among students, administration, faculty, staff, parents, the board, alumni, researchers and the professional community.

Brehm has been successfully educating children and teenagers with learning disabilities for more than thirty years. Brehm’s approach to educating students with LDs addresses the whole student, not just one component. By attending to the students’ social, emotional, and academic needs, in combination with a family-style boarding school, Brehm’s success and student outcomes continually raise the bar in LD education.

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