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Today’s young shopper is quick to love – and cancel – a brand based on its social actions.
Through Sparo, every single customer can choose their own cause and charity.

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Step One

Let shoppers give to the cause that means most to them.

Step Two

Acquire loyal customers and reduce cart abandonment.

Step Three

Build brand reputation while increasing profit.

Join Sparo, gain a partner.

Sparo works with each of its merchants to create and deliver a customized CSR plan to build a relationship with customers based upon democratized corporate giving.

Be Good, Do Good

When consumers think a brand has a strong Purpose, they are 4.1 times more likely to trust the company.

Zeno’s 2020 Strength of Purpose

Build Lifetime Loyalty

When a company leads with purpose - 72% are more likely to be loyal to that company.

Porter Novelli’s 2021 Purpose Perception Study

Raise Awareness

83% of Millennials say it’s important for the companies they buy from to align with their beliefs and values.

5WPR 2020 Consumer Culture Report

Attract New Customers

76% of young people have purchased, 53% would consider purchasing, and 23% would buy from a brand/product to show support for the charities they champion.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

71% of Millenials said they would pay more for a product if they knew some of the proceeds went to charity.

5WPR 2020 Consumer Culture Report

Increase Retention

Nearly 50% of young people say it’s important for a company or brand to have social change initiatives that consumers can be a part of.

Distribute Wealth

Over 80% of all donations to charities and nonprofit organizations in the US come from individuals.

Empower Customers

90% of Gen Z believe companies must act to help social and environmental issues.

How is Sparo different?

Our community of empowered shoppers flock to Sparo brands.


Democratized Philanthropy

Provide the smaller charities and causes the same access and visibility as the larger not-for profits.


Community Discussions

Customers, merchants, charities and others sharing their thoughts for how to fund social causes.


Merchant Giving

Enable the buyer to select a charity to receive a donation from the merchant.


Cause Marketing

Campaigns that mention a cause have higher CTR than average campaigns.

Charity Games

Play games or sweepstakes  to fund your favorite cause or charity.


Tuition Bank

Games, sweepstakes, and contests to fund tuition and education expenses.


I love the concept and how Sparo aligns with brands’ focus on cause marketing/branding. Many of the brands that we are working with are facing the backlash of environmental and human rights controversies and are doing everything they can to course correct. The Sparo capabilities are an interesting asset for brands to be able to give to causes that matter in partnership with their customers and at the same time address loyalty and retention.

ShiSh Shridhar, Global Retail Lead, Microsoft for Startups

The Sparo Sweepstakes is a really exciting new concept in charitable giving. It has the potential to unleash generosity by multiplying the impact of any one donation.

Tim Wiley, Network for Good

Purchase with a Purpose® Capitalism with a Conscience™

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