Kay’s Naturals

Address: 100 First Ave, SE, Clara City, MN, 56222

Category: Beauty, Health, Grocery

Kay’s Naturals recognizes that making a positive impact on your health by improving your diet is important to you. With Kay’s Naturals, you don’t have to give up taste or texture for a healthy diet. All products are certified gluten free while providing high protein, low glycemic, and low calorie nutrition for a healthy snack or mini meal on the go.

Kay’s Naturals is proud to partner with Sparo, allowing customers to purchase with a purpose. Kay’s will donate 4% of online purchases at kaysnaturals.com to the charity of your choice.

The partnership with Sparo will allow you to choose from a wide variety of charities, from education to the environment. It will include food banks, organizations supporting families facing medical crises, and organizations supporting veterans. You can choose an organization that gives hope to inner-city kids, a group that researches food allergies, or any among the dozens of other agencies that receive support through Sparo. The choice is yours.

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Kay’s Naturals will donate 4% of your purchase to charity when you use Sparo.