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Grow your business,
one good deed at a time.

How Sparo works



And best of all, customers have the option to share this through social media and encourage their friends to do good at your store.

Why Sparo?

Most charitable initiatives done by businesses like yours often focus on only one cause at a time, catering solely to a specific group of people, and neglecting a majority of potentially loyal customers who care about other causes. What sets Sparo apart is that you give the customer the ability to choose a charity that they care about.

By supporting the causes that all your customers care about, you create more loyal customers everyday.

Topline results from a research firm:


It’s a simple equation and a win-win for all. the charities get increased donations, the shoppers feel good about purchasing from a responsible retailer and you get new customers and returning shoppers who feel great about your brand.

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