Merchant FAQ

What is Sparo?
Where do donations come from?
Are there any costs to me?
How will Sparo promote my Brand?
How does the Sparo Application work and how will it affect my website performance?
How can I find out where the donations accrued through my activities have gone too?
Can I choose only to donate to certain causes that are relevant to my company?
Can shoppers donate to more than 1 charity?
How quickly do donations reach the non-profit recipient?
What if our shoppers have a problem with your application or questions about their donations?
Where do I find out a full list of non-profits enrolled in Sparo?
How does Sparo account for customer returns?
Are the donations taxes deductible?

Registration and Account FAQ

What data does Sparo collect about my shoppers?
How do I change my email address, password, and preference?