The Challenge: Lack of Funding


One of the biggest challenges facing many non-profit organizations is the lack of funding. Every year, thousands of charities, just like you, spend precious time and resources for fundraising in order to accomplish their mission.Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend less time and money towards raising funds, and focus more of it towards advancing your cause?

The Solution: Sparo


Sparo is a revolutionary concept in charity fundraising that helps drive donations to your charity – with no cost on your part.It is the first online charity application to be completely embedded on a retailer’s e-commerce website. With our patented technology, its only purpose is to enable millions of online shoppers to donate a percentage of their purchase amount to their favorite charities at checkout or just after their purchases have been made.

There’s absolutely no cost to shoppers or nonprofits because participating retailers make the donations based on predetermined amounts (to cover their charitable commitments and to keep Sparo running the program).

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How Sparo Works



See a demo of Sparo.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for demo purposes only. It does not imply any affiliation with any of the featured organizations and merchants.

Your Mission is Our Mission


Everyday charities like you do amazing things. We want you to keep doing those amazing things . Whether you are finding the cure for cancer, ending domestic abuse or alleviating poverty, we want your mission to be our mission.Let us help you advance your cause, one purchase at a time. Sign up to be a Sparo Charity today.

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