Purchase with Purpose®

Today’s young customer is quick to love
—and cancel—
a brand based on its social actions.

The challenge:

Some 85% of consumers want to spend their money on brands that support causes they care about (Cone study, 2020).

But every shopper has different concerns. How can a company tap into a market and retain it? How does a brand stand out as ethical to everyone?

The opportunity:

Let your shoppers choose their cause using the patented Sparo plugin.

The Impact Market

The trend in impact shopping and giving...

  • Today, 40% of all consumers are purpose-driven and want to purchase from companies committed to doing good.
  • They’re 4 times more likely to buy from a brand they feel has a strong sense of purpose (Zeno, 2020)
  • For young customers charitable giving is a personal priority:
    • 75% of Millennials donated to a cause in 2020, followed by
    • 66% of Gen Z, more than any other generations polled.

... meets an ever-increasing consumer reliance on e-commerce.

  • The global e-commerce market will expand by $1 trillion by 2025, according to Euromonitor International.
  • If Sparo captures just a fraction of that growth for its brands, the financial rewards—and social impact—will be significant.

Take it for a Spin. Simple.

Sparo - Purchase with a Purpose
The Sparo plugin seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms. No customer download or sign in required.
At checkout, before clicking “purchase,” the shopper can designate a percentage of their sale to a charity they select from hundreds of pre-vetted options.
Customers can also shop through the Sparo app.

Sparo handles all the logistics from start to finish, for a minimal
transaction fee.

Sparo Test Runs
A little give with big results.

It can work for a big brand...

A Staples® pilot program with 20% of Staples’ customer base saw an  additional $2.5 million generated in sales through the Sparo  plugin, resulting in $50,000 in donations.

and small ones, too.

Citron, an L.A. – based retailer, saw sales increase by 20% in the first month of their partnership with Sparo.

Join Sparo, gain a partner.

Sparo works with each of its merchants to create and deliver a customized marketing package, free-of-charge, that includes:
  • Social posts and ad templates.

  • Inclusion in the Sparo merchant directory.

  • Google Search, Google Display, and Google Store advertising templates.

  • SEO site reviews.
  • Social profile reviews and recommendations.

  • Vetting of the brand’s preferred local charities not already included in the Sparo directory.

  • Social posts, advertisements, and offers on Sparo’s accounts across social platforms.

  • Press release posting and distribution

Take flight with Sparo!

Sparo’s e-commerce plugin is step one...


Turn every in-person sale at any cash register into an opportunity to do good by donating to your favorite charity.

Credit card

Imagine turning over your credit card and seeing the Sparo logo, armed with the power to steer a portion of your purchase to your favorite cause.

And More!

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