Imagine a Better World When Companies Support Your Cause — A Social Compact

Imagine… A social movement to spearhead change

A change is at hand in the business world. Many people believe that businesses need to show more responsibility and to demonstrate their support of social causes beyond having a goal of earning profits.

A change is at hand in the business world. Many people believe that businesses need to show more responsibility and to demonstrate their support of social causes beyond having a goal of earning profits.

This is a social compact we embrace, to practice capitalism with a conscience. We are spearheading a global movement to push business to better support social causes. The issues we want business to support are those we believe in as individuals, not causes chosen by a corporate committee.

We believe that business should have the same responsibility as do individuals in a society – to help make the world a better place.

This is the right time for this to happen. The internet has enabled givers to find and establish relationships with a growing number of causes to which anyone can give at any time.

What is the aim of this social movement?

Like other firms, Sparo recognizes the need for this new, global social movement promoting businesses to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their routine business operations and sales, with input from their consumers. Sparo’s aim is to be a company of global consequence.

The goal of this movement is to allow the smaller charities and causes the same access and visibility as the large nonprofits. Given that the top 12 percent of charities take in 86% of all dollars donated, Sparo and this movement are helping to democratize charitable giving.

Sparo’s Merchant Plugin service gamifies giving by companies. The shopper chooses the charity to which the merchant will donate. This charitable giving platform allows nonprofits to engage and increase per user donation. This gives smaller charities the chance to access a wider pool of donors that include individuals, not just large corporations.

This is an example of democratizing philanthropy because the shopper – or individual – chooses where the company gives. The benefits will deliver to a triple bottom line: to businesses, charities, and to society at large.

Importance of this goal

Like many advocates of social good, we believe that a company should have a responsibility beyond profits to its investors and shareholders. We believe that companies have a responsibility to aid society.

Businesses have a duty to better their communities; to practice safety and to ensure equitable hiring; to offer opportunities to people from all walks of life regardless of race or religion. They need to show accountability to society – not just to their bottom line.

The global social movement promoting businesses to integrate CSR into their operations has the potential to improve our world – to enable individual consumers to donate to causes they support.

With its Merchant Plugin service, Sparo can help to rearrange consumers’ buying behavior around buyers’ social consciousness.  Some consumers will only buy pasta sauce made by Newman’s Own, because the company gives 100% of its profits to charities.  This kind of consumer preference will increase with the Sparo Merchant Plugin service. When a consumer can see that a percentage of its purchase will go to the charity of its choice, he or she will be inclined to buy more, to spread the joy.

Sparo practices democratizing philanthropy by including the consumers, company employees and other stakeholders in the giving decisions of companies.

We embrace the notion that giving of your time, talent and treasure isn’t solely a privilege of the elite.  All individuals can give. The idea of an “Everyman” giver has the potential to accelerate social impact.

Through initiating a social movement, we want to harness the social energy of cause-related marketing to profits and brands with philanthropic giving.  Sparo is an example of a company supporting and participating in this movement. We help companies deliver real impact to the causes which their customers value.

Sparo’s support of social good is amplified by digital power – creating a platform to enable consumers to give to the nonprofit of their choice.

Why should you join this social movement?

For the past 11 years, the popularity of cause-related marketing has grown. According to the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes.

Consumers pay attention to the brands that put social impact at the core of their business operations and philosophy.

According to the Cone study, 84% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.  Ninety percent of consumers want companies to tell them ways they are supporting causes.  More than 278 million people in the U.S. want to know what a company is doing to benefit a cause.

Research has shown that companies who tie their fortunes to social movements can help firms profit and change for the better.

Increasing customer loyalty

Companies which join this global social movement will experience greater customer loyalty. Research has shown that customers want to know what a company stands for; by giving to a social cause, the company is demonstrating its value system.

The impact of giving at the point of sales and the in-store giving model can be extended to online sales with Sparo’s Merchant Plugin service.

Is your company targeting millennials?  The Cone study found that millennials are much more willing to try new products because of a cause affiliation.

Imagine…. social good impacting your bottom line

According to Nielsen’s 2013 Consumers Who Care study, 50 percent of consumers would be willing to pay more for goods and services if the company in question actively supported a cause and gave back to society.

On the revenue side, the researchers said that CR (corporate responsibility) can add a price premium of as much as 20%, increasing sales revenue by just as high a rate.

Companies can find that up to 60% of their consumers will strengthen their affinity to a brand if they perceive it as being highly responsible and sustainable. The reputational value of CR can account for 7 to 11% of a firm’s overall value, and CR can provide risk protection of 4 to 7% of sales.

Again, this means delivering benefits for a triple bottom line: for businesses, for charities, and for society at large.

Imagine… doing good for society as you grow.

The Sparo Ten Commandments of Giving

We believe in the democratization of philanthropy. You should be able to give to the causes you support, not ones chosen by a corporation.

We hereby affirm:

  1. It is our right as citizens to give to causes in which we believe.
  2. We should be knowledgeable about the causes we support.
  3. Companies have a responsibility to support social causes.
  4. Giving builds loyalty.
  5. A company’s giving choices reflect its reputation and brand as much as it does its stance on inclusion and humanitarian causes.
  6. Giving is done with the expectation that the gift will help others.
  7. Giving is not just for the wealthy. It is for Everyman.
  8. Technology is changing giving in fundamental ways.
  9. The public expects companies to give more than they have in the past.
  10. Givers need to feel that their gifts make a difference.

Imagine a better future with us!

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