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Let us get you more customers

We drive people to your business through our own full-scale media outreach. You build deep and lasting relationships.

Sparo brings giving to shopping, and personalizes donations for each customer.  No additional cost to you or them.

Nope, there’s no catch. Sparo + Retailer makes it that simple.

You can now promise every shopper, “We support the cause that means most to you.”

How it Works

Check out how our technology brightens your business and the world.

A Microsoft for Startups Company

Sparo was selected to represent the Microsoft for Startups program at the 2021 National Retail Federation conference.

"I love how Sparo supports brands’ cause marketing/branding needs. Many of the brands we’re working with are facing the backlash of environmental and human rights controversies and are doing everything they can to course correct. Sparo enables brands to give to causes that matter in partnership with their customers, addressing loyalty and retention in a powerful way."
ShiSh Shridhar
Global Retail Lead, Microsoft for Startups

Dear Retailers...

Let us show you how we can increase your customer base, customer loyalty, and bottom line, all while doing good in the world.

Soar with Sparo!

The future of shopping is the bond created by shared values. When customers and brands can partner personally to give back, both business and philanthropy grow.
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