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Cause Marketing Can Democratize Charitable Giving.
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Who We Are

Connecting through action.

A Few Words About Us

There is a myriad of global causes that depend on your donorship for their success. We believe everyone can help make a dent in any problem, no matter how big or small.

Sparo Corporation was founded in 2014 to tap into the $4 trillion global online commerce market by offering its patented platforms that marry e-commerce and charitable giving.

Evolving from its original checkout plugin for enterprise e-commerce users (such as Staples) to a charitable giving platform that allows not-for-profits to engage, “gamify” and increase per user donation. Sparo’s goal is to allow the smaller charities and causes the same access and visibility as the larger not-for-profits. This is especially true given that the top twelve (12) percent of charities in the U.S. take in 86% of all dollars donated. Sparo’s platform goal is to democratize charitable giving to allow those charities and causes with limited financial and human capital resources access to a wider pool of donors.

How is Sparo different?

We build our own community of shoppers who flock to Sparo brands.

Delivering CSR Impact

  • Shareholders appreciate explicit CSR impact.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility helps with employee morale, retention rates, and productivity.

  • All of which impacts the bottom line *and* social change.

Leading by Example: Sparo is an ESG with a triple-impact charity relationship

  • Direct donations by businesses through shopping cart integration
  • We have nonprofit shareholders: Mona Foundation, Tahirih Justice Center, Maryland Food Bank, Save a Child’s Heart
  • Our business model: % of profits goes to charities

Meet the Team

We are a diverse team of multi-functional experts who are applying our leadership skills in small businesses and major corporations to include social responsibility as a key factor of the customer, employee, and shareholder experience.  

Rob Sobhani

Founder, CEO

Sohrab (“Rob”) Sobhani is Sparo’s founder and CEO. With a Georgetown PhD in political economy, Rob has been a university professor and active political advisor who now serves as a valued corporate board member (e.g., ZAC, an Artificial Intelligence company and SIENZA, a battery company previously incubated at CalTech).

He’s Chairman/CEO of Caspian Group, supporting companies with business interests in the U.S., Middle East and the former Soviet Union.

His love of books is boundless, as is his joy in doing pushups while dancing to Donna Summer and the Village People.

Rama Ayman

Co-Founder, CFO
Rama Ayman, Sparo’s co-founder and CFO, has 3 decades of experience in corporate finance, private equity and impact investing, and has advised companies to meet their corporate social responsibility and engage in philanthropy. He has lived in three continents, visited more than 60 countries, and held senior positions in investment banking in New York and London as well as leading roles ranging from Global Partner (KPMG, London) to Corporate VP of M&A (Arcelor, Luxembourg). His professional skills draw on his three academic degrees: economics, political science and philosophy as well as Masters in International Management – he is married with two grown children, he’s an avid reader, tennis player and soccer fan and is actively focused on philanthropic work in developing countries.

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz, nicknamed “The Professor” for his mentoring talents to help colleagues and clients learn how to adapt new strategies and tools for their goals, he’s learned and taught strategies by which brands impact society through intelligent marketing. Armed with a Masters of Management and decades of experience in his field, Dan gives the Sparo brand broad appeal in both for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

Anyone wondering about Dan’s attention to detail should know that he’s a seasoned wooden-sail-boat maker, bowl turner and former scuba instructor.
Andrea McNaughton

Andrea McNaughton

Chief Giving Officer
Andrea McNaughton brings to Sparo a rare, broad knowledge of the nonprofit world having served (among others) Georgetown University,The Smithsonian, the Parkinson’s Foundation and Chicago Public Radio. Her understanding of donor interests – from planned giving to capital campaigns -- is unrivaled.When not on (or planning) a bike adventure, Andrea lives in Chicago, walking distance to two grandchildren whom she can't get enough of.

Kyril Revels

Chief Software Engineer
Kyril Revel brought to Sparo a University of Maryland degree in Information Systems and nearly twenty years of experience as a software engineer focused on advertising technology. 

He’s Sparo’s leading “technologist,” the designer of software guaranteeing efficient merchant integration and flawless backend technology.

When not busy with his multiple work assignments, Kyril is busy as (his favorite role in life) a father.

Accelerator Partners

Sparo is pleased to be a member of the Microsoft for Startups and Holland’s WordStartup accelerator programs that gives developing companies such as Sparo access to mentorship, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses.

A Microsoft for Startups Company

Charity Shareholders

A set of selected charities hold 10% of shares outstanding, intending to provide funds to achieve self-sufficiency following a Sparo IPO.

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