How It Works

Customizable, Easy, and Powerful for Business

How It Works

Value for Retailers

Respond to Crises in the News

Sparo makes it easy to jump into the cultural moment with your customers. You can invite them to partner with you in helping people devastated by a hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster. You can also support events like Earth Day together.

How It Works

Customize to Match your Brand

The Sparo platform can easily be adapted to your site design. Other features include preferred charity sets, sharing success stories, detailed reports, and a way to process straight or round-up donations.

How It Works

Search & Filter through Thousands of Charities

Sparo vets all the nonprofits in our directory, where it’s a quick click to find a favorite charity, group charities by cause, and filter by location.

How It Works

Capture your overall Donation Impact

Our dashboard analyzes your giving in graphic ways that catch the eye and make you want to share. Customers can immediately see the impact of their shopping not just as dollars, but in the results of the donations.

How It Works

Big Picture

We want to make it easy for retailers everywhere to bond with their  socially conscious shoppers and together, change the world for the better. By doing so, you attract new customers, deepen loyalty, and increase sales. Read about our Staples case study here.

How It Works

Customer Journey


Celebrate your impact on the ground by showing customers how the donated funds have been used and featured on your site.


Contact us to take Sparo for a spin and to explore other ways we can partner to help you bond with customers as a company that cares.

Microsoft + Sparo

We are a Microsoft for Startups company and the CSR offering on Microsoft’s global campaign “Cloud for Retail.”


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