The Sparo Ecosystem

From shopping to gaming to college tuition, here's how we're changing the world of giving.

Sparo is building the global infrastructure to make giving easy, fun, and highly effective for business, charities and individuals alike. That means innovative technology as well as deep CSR strategy expertise for each partner we work with. Join us as we ambitiously invent new ways to make a positive impact on the world through everyday habits. And become part of a movement to democratize and decentralize philanthropy.

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Sparo Ecosystem

For Retailers

Open The Door To New Young Passionate Customers

Our first product is the Sparo ecommerce platform that invites shoppers to select the charity that a portion of their sale will go to, donated by the retailer. This SAAS service is a low overhead, low cost point-of-entry for companies of all sizes to build brand loyalty through giving. It will soon include an in-store POS feature and, eventually, a whole suite of tools. If you're a merchant, we partner with you to determine all your CSR needs and provide a range of customized solutions to amplify your impact. Most importantly, we help you align your donation practices with your customers, shareholders, and employees. Rewards for frequent donors across the Sparo ecosystem offer further opportunities to build relationships with your audience.

Sparo Ecosystem

For Customers

So Many Ways To Shop Your Cause

Next up are a Sparo credit card, wallet, and token so no matter how you pay, a percentage of the transaction goes to a charity of your choice. Students can land a scholarship through our Sparo Tuition Bank, and our faith-based app makes giving a snap. As for fun? Sparo Games and Sparo Sweepstakes let the winner choose which nonprofit gets the pot.

Sparo Ecosystem

For Charities

Become Part Of The Digital Giving Culture

Sparo is building a suite of tools and consulting to make digital giving easy and secure to ensure a donation gets to the intended charity. We also support the nonprofits in our directory with campaigns and partnerships.


Sparo Product Road Map

We're launching with an ecommerce giving platform. But our goal is to become a model for channeling funds to great causes around the world. Here's what's in the works:

Microsoft & Sparo

We are a Microsoft for Startups company and the CSR offering on Microsoft's global campaign "Cloud for Retail."


Charitable Games

Sparo has piloted a few online giving games in which the winner chooses where the player participation fees or "pot" is donated. We're building out this concept and inventing new games, as well as developing integrations with online gaming and gambling in which the house donates a portion of each in-line purchase or ante and the players select the charity. These early experiments are providing direction as we explore the intersection of altruism and online entertainment-and create multiple ways for business and the public to interact to determine giving decisions.


Charity Sweepstakes

With the Sparo Sweepstakes, players enter a contest where their charity or cause can win funding. This is a way to support charities and startups that otherwise struggle to survive on more traditional fundraising solutions.


The Sparo Mark

Our bird is not just a logo - it's a badge, a tag, the seal for a brand that partners with its customers to make a difference. Our logo represents one bird in a flock of many that can work together to make a difference. We hope that our mark will be a symbol of community and togetherness, and inspire customers to want to do good by shopping with Sparo.


Further Giving Developments Across An Interconnected World

Our aim is to integrate giving into all transactional technologies, from credit and debit cards to wallets and tokens, so that no matter what the means of exchange is, a portion goes to a charity chosen by the spender. It's a model we hope others will follow. This democratized philanthropy - or Sparo Purchase with a PurposeĀ®- will allow customers, shareholders and employees, not just executives, to direct the giving decisions of businesses.


Tuition Bank

A unique Sparo offering is the Sparo Tuition Bank. Individuals may participate to apply to win a scholarship or pay off student debt in a program funded via individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and foundation grants.