Vote4Good: A Local Movement with an International Impact

Do you wish your vote would change your local community? Your country? What about the whole world? By playing Vote4Good™, you are joining a local movement carrying a global impact. 

Sparo’s Vote4Good games aim to democratize philanthropy. What do we mean by that? Quite simply, a democratized philanthropy is “a system of giving by the whole population wherein the individual is empowered to identify and select charitable causes for financial support.” 

Sparo adopted the new phrase, “democratizing philanthropy,” to encapsulate the potential behind its patented e-commerce plug-in. Seamlessly integrated into the online check-out process, the Sparo plug-in empowers individual shoppers to donate to a charity of their choice at no cost to them. Sparo-powered merchants are those that understand the impact of what donating a portion of their sales to the customer’s choice of charity does for the longevity of their business and their greater community.

Like the Sparo plug-in, the beauty behind the Vote4Good games is in its scaling potential. Whether it be the gubernatorial election in New Jersey, the French presidential elections next year, or hey, even the Super Bowl, Vote4Good is characterized by its ability to adapt. 

In other words, both Vote4Good and the Sparo plug-in are unique in that both can pivot from one cause to another when it’s needed most. When you play Vote4Good games, “No matter what you vote for, your charity has a chance to win more than you alone could contribute” (Dan Katz, Sparo CMO, 2021). Similarly, when you check out with a Sparo-powered merchant, “The plug-in becomes a gamified shopping experience for the individual to tell the merchant where to donate their money.”

Both the Sparo plug-in and its Vote4Good games can be scaled internationally. Both support and help construct the foundations of local communities and those abroad. By joining the Sparo community, the individual is empowered to decide where their donations will go, further democratizing philanthropy, or rather, the gift of giving.