Cause Marketing Can Democratize Charitable Giving.
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Democratize Charitable Giving

We are improving the lives of everyone worldwide by enabling consumers around the globe to select the charities where corporate donations fund. Our vision is to help fund every cause, charity, researcher, or other organization focused on the betterment of humanity by intertwining them with e-commerce and corporate social responsibility.

Living Our Core values

Sparo is dedicated to a global societal change that integrates giving into our daily commercial exchanges. Giving should be global, commonplace, and intuitive. This will not be easily achieved, but we also know that conscientious experts everywhere are up to the challenge.
  • Think Big
  • Think Global
  • Serve Humankind
  • Optimize Personal Impact
  • Maximize Interconnection

Work Anywhere

We are in Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Europe (Luxembourg and The Hague) and will expand across the globe where experts can help us achieve our goal of helping humanity through our platform.

The Covid Pandemic has proven that a dedicated, driven, well-connected team does not have to be gathered in an office.  We can work anywhere. We connect determined experts no matter where they are in the US, Europe, or any other continent as a highly effective set of teams with flexible work-life balance.

Give Back

We live our mission.  Every staff member volunteers their time in some form or another. Some serve on NGO/non-profit boards and committees.  Others help charities through their donations or by giving their time and resources. What matters is that you care enough to get involved and help improve the world.

Sparo supports our staff’s choices to volunteer directly with Causes that improve the lives of their communities by allocating time each week to set aside work and engage directly.

Sparo also directly donates to various charities and has a dedicated employee charity sweepstakes to fund the causes closest to our hearts.


  • Liberal family medical leave, volunteering, vacation
  • Mental, physical, and medical benefits for you and your family
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Company profit sharing mechanisms
  • Fitness plans
  • Donation matching
  • Home office expense subsidies
  • Education assistance

Open Positions

Are you up to the challenge of changing the way corporations and shoppers think about giving? We are eager to hear from talented experts who wish to apply their core skills in marketing, institutional sales, software engineering to serve humanity.

We want to hear from you.  

Open positions:

While we do not have other open postions right now, we do encourage you to submit your resume, so we have it on hand as positions open.

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