Kenneth Svendsen, has joined the Sparo’s Board of Directors

Rob Sobhani

Rob Sobhani

Sohrab (“Rob”) Sobhani is Sparo’s founder and CEO. With a Georgetown PhD in political economy, Rob has been a university professor and active political advisor who now serves as a valued corporate board member (e.g., ZAC, an Artificial Intelligence company and SIENZA, a battery company previously incubated at CalTech).He’s Chairman/CEO of Caspian Group, supporting companies with business interests in the U.S., Middle East and the former Soviet Union.His love of books is boundless, as is his joy in doing pushups while dancing to Donna Summer and the Village People.

Kenneth Svendsen, has joined the Board of Directors of Sparo.

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Kenneth Svendsen

September 1, 2021 – Sparo Corporation is pleased to announce that former President of Walt Disney Travel Company and Global Head of Sales and Reservations at Hilton, Kenneth Svendsen, has joined the Board of Directors of Sparo. A native of Denmark, Kenneth currently serves as an active member of the Board of Directors in the Space Industry for Star Harbor Space Academy, the world’s first publicly accessible space flight training facility and cutting-edge research and development campus for emerging technologies. From 2016 to 2019, Kenneth was the CEO of Entertainment Cruises, a company owned by the private equity arm of the Pritzker family.

Rama Ayman, Co-Founder and CFO of Sparo, welcomes Kenneth to the team: “Kenneth brings his vast experience in scaling businesses as well as his immense network in Private Equity community, which would help Sparo become a global consequential company and a venture philanthropy platform”.

Rob Sobhani, Founder and CEO of Sparo said: “I love Kenneth’s passion for global philanthropy and his alignment with Sparo’s mission to democratize giving to charities and in uniting the world around philanthropy”.

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