Frequently Asked Questions


Sparo is about to begin hiring to fill more than a dozen positions across finance, technology, marketing, customer service, sales, and technology? Let us know if you are skilled, smart, and talented and a fit to the Sparo team.

Sparo mirrors its belief in doing good in its relationship with its staff. Staff are provided a full suite of health benefits and generous family leave and vacation PTO as part of a supportive package for an excellent work life balance. Learn more and apply now.


Charities rated three or four starts from Charity Navigator are loaded into the Sparo system available to be found by Sparo enabled shoppers. Charities can register to be vetted as a Sparo Charity Partner to be more highly visible and be included in fundraising campaigns.

Nothing. There is no cost or participation requirement to become a Sparo Charity Partner.

Sparo Charity partners participate in mutual promotions to increase donations to the charity by shopping at Sparo enabled merchants. This enables organizations to fundraise by encouraging the selection of their charity when their supporters shop as they normally would.


Sparo offers an integrated plugin application for most common ecommerce platforms including: Magento Shopify WooCommerce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Sparo is headquartered in Maryland and The Hague with talented staff at work around the globe. Find out more about working for Sparo.


The Sparo merchant widget is easily installed with a secure and private ecommerce platform plugin . Most small and medium scale merchants will find it takes just a few minutes to register an, install, and activate the donation services. Large scale stores are supported in a similar manner and custom development as needed. This includes complete project management to interface with security, marketing, technology and other teams to validate and test all aspects of the Sparo integration prior to going live.

Sparo provides its enabled merchants with integrated cause marketing. Merchants and campaigns that mention a cause have higher CTR than average campaigns. Donating a portion of a sale also is shown to reduce cart abandonment.

Sparo provides stores with a cause marketing campaign that has been demonstrated to show an increase in shopper loyalty and increased purchase volume.

Sparo provides its enabled merchants with integrated cause marketing. Merchants and campaigns that mention a cause have higher CTR than average campaigns. Donating a portion of a sale also is shown to reduce cart abandonment.

Sparo assists in the generation of qualified shoppers to Sparo enabled merchants. Sparo provides advertising planning and execution of marketing campaigns across the Sparo network and social networks to send you new shoppers and encourage current customers to shop more.

Consumers have been shown to show and remain loyal to stores that demonstrate a strong tie to community giving. Sparo integrates a highly visible corporate social responsibility philosophy (CSR) directly into the shopping experience.

Security and Privacy

The Sparo plugin, Sparo Connection and all other Sparo sites and services comply with the GDPR and CPAA. Instructions are provided to request any personally identifiable information and to delete such information.

No personal information is captured or tracked by the Sparo plug-in. The plugin only tracks the total cart amount, the selected charity, and a transaction number. If you are a logged in Sparo member then a unique Sparo ID is also communications. Any no time is any personally identifiable information (PII) is captured or sent to Sparo.

The Sparo architecture, technology and hosting has been carefully reviewed and vetted by experts at ____ . Sparo utilizes HTTPS/SSL for all its communications and is supported by the security available through the Microsoft Azure Platform .


Sparo enables you to tell merchants where they should donate. The merchants receive the tax-deduction as they are the donor. Contributions to Sparo Charity Sweepstakes and Sparo Charity Games are tax-deductible by the participant.

Sparo enabled stores display the Sparo widget to select your favorite charity during the checkout process. We also provide links in the Sparo directory and mobile app to merchants who provide the donations via their affiliate commission programs. In both instances, you have the option to access and select the charities for your contributions via a secured private account in your Sparo Dashboard.

You can find participating merchants on the Sparo website and Sparo mobile app . Participating merchants also display the Sparo logo in their stores.

Sparo enables donations from merchants at no cost to the shopper.