Sparo, a Venture Philanthropy Platform, launches its Trademark Vote4Good® Game Marrying Politics and Philanthropy

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz, nicknamed “The Professor” for his mentoring talents to help colleagues and clients learn how to adapt new strategies and tools for their goals, has learned and taught strategies by which brands impact society through intelligent marketing. Armed with a Masters of Management and decades of experience in his field, Dan gives the Sparo brand broad appeal in both forprofit and nonprofit worlds. Anyone wondering about Dan’s attention to detail should know that he’s a seasoned wooden-boat maker, skilled wood turner and respected scuba instructor.

Note4Good -  A fun way to leverage your passion for politics into helping your favorite charity win big by predicting the winner of elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City.

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 A fun way to leverage your passion for politics into helping your favorite charity win big by predicting the winner of elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City.


POTOMAC, MD –October 6, 2021, Maryland-based early-stage company Sparo has rolled out its trademark Vote4Good game series to coincide with three elections across the United States. “Sparo is changing the way donations are made to help charities,” said Rob Sobhani, founder and CEO of Sparo. “Our mission is to democratize venture philanthropy and through our games at we want to inspire those who want to practice politics with a conscience to apply that same spirit and help make an impact.”

Andrea McNaughton, Sparo’s Chief Charity Officer explained the rationale behind Sparo’s mission to marry games. “After rolling out our patented Purchase with a Purpose e-commerce plugin, we launched Sparo’s Vote4Good because we realized that the top 12% of charities in the U.S. take in 86% of all donations. The time has come to level the playing field by democratizing the world of charitable giving by allowing non-profits that also do great work but have limited resources the chance to win big.”

Vote4Good will initially focus on the Virginia and New Jersey Governors’ races and the New York City mayoral race. Sparo’s non-profit arm will administer it,  thus allowing any funds contributed to the pot to be tax deductible. Dan Katz, Sparo’s Chief Marketing Officer stated: “Vote4Good is really a simple way to leverage your tax-deductible donation into a major win for your favorite charity.” He went on to explain: “Players from across the U.S. have the chance to predict the vote count for the three races we are initially launching. The person or persons who come closest to the vote count of the winning candidate in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City gets to direct the pot to their favorite charity.”

Rob Sobhani said the vision is to make Vote4Good a global game and have big enough pots to create mini endowments for winning charities. “We want to unite the world around philanthropy.”


About Vote4Good®

Vote4Good is a philanthropic system demonstrating a method for the gamification of democratized philanthropy. Via Vote4Good, the Sparo Foundation distributes its donations to charities based upon the decisions of the donors.


About Sparo Corporation

Sparo is a Microsoft for Startups Company founded by scholar entrepreneur Rob Sobhani to democratize global charitable giving. Sparo aims to become a company of global consequence by monetizing the intersection of e-commerce and philanthropy, games and donations, sweepstakes and charities, and AI and giving through its six issued patents. Sparo operates globally and is a member of Holland-based WorldStartups.


See Vote4Good online at:

Twitter: @sparogives




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Rob Sobhani, Founder & CEO



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