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A Few Words About Us

The Sparo Foundation is the 501(c)3 non-profit partner of the Sparo Corporation. The Sparo Foundation receives and distributes donations and conducts a variety of gamified charitable fundraising solutions such as Vote4Good®.

Fund Raising – The Sparo Foundation receives its funding primarily through the individual donations collected through Vote4Good® and other game play. In addition, additional donations are provided by individuals to provide seed funding for charitable games. Funding is also obtained through use of the Sparo plugin on merchant sites and crowdfunding campaigns for contributions to fund charitable game jackpots.

Distribution of Funds – The Sparo Foundation distributes funds to charities based upon the vetted charities selected by shoppers, game players and other events as a key factor of our efforts to democratize philanthropy.

Donate for the Treatment of 25 Cerebral Palsy Mexican Children !

Sparo is pleased to have been selected by Maryland-based NeuroCytonix as its CSR partner. The goal of the NeuroCytonix-Sparo collaboration is to raise funds for several compassionate programs following the completion of NeuroCytonix’s FDA-controlled, double-blind, randomized placebo clinical trial on children with Cerebral Palsy. The first program is looking at raising financing for the treatment of the children as part of this completed clinical trial, but who unfortunately had the placebo treatment. A second program will be implemented soon for the treatment of military veterans suffering from neurological consequences of blast injury and concussion.

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