Shayba Naturals: A Sparo-Powered Merchant!

Sparo is proud to announce its partnership with Shayba Naturals!

Sparo is proud to announce its partnership with Shayba Naturals! This all-natural skincare brand is raising industry standards by providing its customers with the highest quality organic ingredients in its skincare products; the star of the show is shea butter. 

Shayba Naturals’ origins can be traced all the way back to Ghana, where its founder developed a new technique to extract more vitamins and fatty acids from shea butter. Did you know that West African shea trees contain the highest concentration of Vitamin A in the world? Vitamin A is an essential ingredient that aids in healthy skin cell production.

In combination with the specially refined shea butter are therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural vegetable glycerin. Shayba Naturals’ dedication to providing safe and healthy alternatives to standard industry products begins with transparency; shea butter, natural vegetable glycerin, and essential oils are the only ingredients found in these products.  Today, the most commonly found ingredients in popular shampoo, lotion, and body wash brands contain harmful carcinogens and chemicals that can, with daily use, lead to serious health problems, including cancer. For this reason, Shayba Naturals encourages everyone to read the label of the products they use before purchasing.

Equipped with its trade secret for refining shea butter, Shayba Naturals is truly delivering quality and innovative products that have raised the bar for what consumers should look for in their skincare routines.