NITA SURI: A Sparo-Powered Merchant!

Sparo is proud to announce its partnership with Nita Suri!

Sparo is proud to announce its partnership with Nita Suri! Inspired by travel and stitched by hand, Nita Suri handbags offer consumers an invaluable luxury experience. The designer of the infamous Nita Suri handbags is Montse Freixes; as a certified globetrotter, Ms. Freixes drew her inspiration from the beauty she found in different cultures and visual art by interpreting her impressions into wearable accessories. 

Nita Suri handbags are treated and handled with care and precision every step of the way. The stitches are measured down to the millimeter! By operating directly out of Spain and relying on traditional techniques (older than 300 years old), Nita Suri stays true to its Spanish roots and offers consumers the opportunity to own a piece of history. These bags are truly unlike any other as their structural shapes, and rigid lines make them instantly recognizable. 

Best of all? Now, as a Sparo-powered merchant, every Nita Suri purchase will result in a donation to the charity of your choosing — at no cost to you. By shopping at Nita Suri, you are making a tangible change the moment you proceed to checkout. Do more with your spending habits; Purchase with a Purpose®.